Introduction to PADI

PADI is a professional diving school, which is the largest diving organization in the world. The organization is headquartered in California (USA). It is included scuba diving centers, academic institutions, trainers, drivers, drivers on the breath, and all water enthusiasts. The school has registered more than 100,000 professional members (instructors), and more than 4700 dive centers in 175 countries worldwide.
PADI diving centers and instructors issued more than 800,000 diving cards per year, from 400 to 500 cards per year in Slovenia. PADI school enables all who so wish, contact the underwater world in a professional and safe way. Approach and philosophy in the training of divers and their instructors rank highest among PADI diving schools.

In a ten-year period of PADI in Slovenia  about 8000 divers of all categories were educated. In Slovenia there are 30 PADI instructors learning is schools.

All PADI courses are conducted in accordance with the program prescribed by the organization PADI. Standardized system of education ensures that you will take the same basic skills, regardless of where in the world do rate, and this also means that your cards on the success of the courses PADI recognized diving centers worldwide.

All PADI courses conducted PADI certified instructors (PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor) with the help of assistants certified (PADI Assistant Instructor and PADI Divemaster).